Handmade Socks for sale

women's shoe size 10-13
men's shoe size 10-12
women's shoe size 13+
men's shoe size 13+

women's shoe size 5-7
men's shoe size 4-6
child's size 3-4
Return Policy:  We want you to enjoy your new Kozies. If you are unhappy with your Kozies for any reason, simply return them for a refund.
women's shoe size 8-9
men's shoe size 7-9
Hand Knit Socks
Treat your feet to the comfort and warmth
you can only get from wearing hand knit socks.
Handmade from soft washable woolen blends
that do not have that itchy feeling
or wool free acrylic sock yarns.
Light & Medium weight socks for all seasons.

Handmade Socks

Hand Knit Socks
Made in Maine - USA
Knit Kozies
3 Bassett Rd., Winslow, Maine 04901


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I bought 2 pair of socks from Knit Kozies for my grandkids.  They are their favorite socks and they wear them all the time, hard to get them to take them off to get them into the wash.
                                                            Karen W. ........................... Seattle, WA

Thank you for the great customer service.  I appreciate the personal attention.
Louise T.  ....................... Charlotte, NC

Nicely made socks, good quality and very comfortable.
Amanda D.  ............... Manchester, NH

I have a hard time finding socks for my husband's big feet.  These extra large socks fit him to a tee, he loves them.  Thanks for making them.
Joyce C. ............................. Keene, NH

I have leg circulation problems, this pair of socks I got from you are wonderful.  They are soft, stay up and don't put pressure on my legs.  I'll be ordering another pair soon.
Elaine H. ................................. Oxford, ME

They really are non-itchy and comfortably soft woolen socks.  I wear them all the time, they are nice and warm.  I've recommended Knit Kozies to many of my friends.
Allison M. ................................ Derry, NH

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Soft and comfortable handmade knit socks.
Knit using washable wool blends and wool-free yarns.
Lightweight for all seasons wear.

~ Custom Made Socks ~

Handmade Socks For Sale
Washable Wool Handmade Socks
Wool Blend Hand Knit Socks
Handmade Stocks in Wool-Free Yarns
Handmade socks in medium sizes
Hand Knit Socks in Large size
Small Hand Knit Socks
Large Hand Knit Socks
Medium Handmade Socks
Extra Large Handmade Socks
Let me make a special pair of socks

Custom Made Socks
All our Kozies are hand knit one at a time using quality yarns that will give you years of enjoyable wear. Many of our socks are knit with Merino wool fibers that are finer than regular wool and are naturally temperature regulating so your feet stay warm without getting that itchy sweaty feeling.  Kozies are prewashed so there won't be any shrinkage.

Hand Knit Socks
The advantages of hand knit stockings over store bought are that they are so much more comfortable, a treat for your feet, and they are made to last for years of enjoyment.  Handmade socks are warm, comfortable and unique as every pair is different.

And it doesn't matter how warm your winter boots are. If you're wearing cotton socks, your feet will perspire, and you will end up with cold, damp feet. Unlike cotton, wool is an great insulator. When it's cold out your feet will be toasty and warm in your hand knit wool blend socks.

Wool can absorb a high amount of moisture much more than cotton. Wool can actually hold a third of its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel "wet."  Wool keeps its insulating properties while wet, which is perfect for sweaty feet.  Not only that, but wool also dries much more quickly than cotton or other synthetics.

Because of their physical nature, wool fibers naturally have anti-bacterial properties and are, therefore, odor resistant....which means your hand knit socks don't have to be washed every time you wear them. Indeed, socks can be worn multiple times before washing.

Handmade Socks
Handmade socks are just the nicest gift to give to a loved one or to treat yourself!  Investing in hand made socks, especially super-soft merino wool socks, offers several unique advantages over cotton that make it the fabric of choice for all season wear.

Extra Large Handmade Socks
"Kozies" for your "Toes-ies"
Custom Made Socks
Cat Knitting
Handmade socks in small sizes
Happy feet wearing handmade socks